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Architects Just Dropped!

Our first video for Architects just dropped. The powerful new track, ‘Royal Beggars’, lands just weeks after the band surprised everyone with the announcement of their new album, Holy Hell.

The news of the band’s upcoming album marks the first record from the band since the passing of Tom Searle in 2016. Holy Hell is set for release on Nov. 9 via Epitaph Records.

Of the album, drummer Dan Searle shared the following: “For me, broadly speaking Holy Hell is about pain: the way we process it, cope with it, and live with it,” Dan offers. “There is value in pain. It’s where we learn, it’s where we grow.”

Directed by Lewis Cater, Royal Beggars addresses the lack of self care, self medication, fear of change, lack of responsibility and absence of self sovereignty. The narrative mixes dark and twisted visuals with an undercurrent of humour despite the serious subject matter.