Zebrafish Media

Director 44

Growing up as a kid in south London Alan would be swept away by the ever eminating array of sounds and vibrations coming out of the hostile environment. Grime music was the music of the day and captivated by its energy, Alan used to have intense visual experiences listening to this music at the mere age 13. 

There was one day where it all changed, he bought a mini-DV handycamera and began filming his friends MC’ing. The raw, pure innocent teenager was enthralled about the idea that he could finally merge his vivid visions and sync it perfectly to the music. Thus birthing the young director. 

His passion has taken him through a lifetime of guerilla filmmaking growth. Alan, now an adult, became one with this interdimensional living entity called ’44’ and has gone on to work across the planet creating the ultimate music videos, fashion films and commercials.

Director 44
Robert Won
Anatomy Of Movement
Director 44
Emma Blakk
Director 44