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Here at Zebrafish Media we do things a bit differently: we don’t think you need multiple offices and a huge team to deliver powerful and distinctive content. Quite the opposite in fact.

From our experience we believe that bodycount and scale can suffocate the creative zeal that fuels quality film-making, stifle the collaborative process, and inhibit the speed of delivery. We, on the other hand, are agile, versatile, and cost-effective. Like any other production house worth their salt, we’re multi award-winning and able to fulfil any creative brief no matter the scope, whether a full-scale feature film or a quick promotional piece, but unlike our counterparts you won’t find any bureaucracy to wade through: a lean company structure with a wealth of commercial (not just creative) experience, and a wide network of affiliates, ensures that we move swiftly, decisively, and collaboratively.

Tell us what you want, and we’ll move heaven and earth to deliver it with the individual and personal approach for which we’re renown. We guarantee that every project we work on together will surpass expectations, and we’d wager that once you get a taste of what it’s like working with a family like ours, it will be hard to return to the status quo.

Exec Producer
James Norbury

James was producing videos aged 11, when he and childhood friend, Guy Davies (founder of Zebrafish Media) bought their first video camera together and started filming ‘comedy skits’ with each other. Fortunately, YouTube hadn’t been invented yet so these films never saw the light of day, but they did mark the start of the Producer / Director partnership which became the foundation of Zebrafish Media. 16 years, countless projects and a Law degree later, James keeps Zebrafish in ship-shape and oversees all production.

Exec Producer
Guy Davies

Guy began making videos at a young age with school friend James Norbury, as well as acting in films for most of his childhood years. Aged 15 he was cutting his teeth on set as much as possible as a runner or camera / lighting / art assistant, learning as much about every production department as he could. He remains the youngest person, at aged 18, to receive the Brett Ratner scholarship to the world renown New York Film Academy, where he received a masters in Cinematography. For the last 9 years he’s been producing the majority of Zebrafish projects, as well as Directing 4 award winning Films, on top of dozens of Music Videos and Commercials.

Co-Head of Business Development
Will Stirrup

Will prides himself on his ability to execute. If there is a deadline, it’s getting met – even if that means catching the last Eurostar to Paris to deliver the project in person when the internet goes down (true story). From his background in Corporate Finance advising some of the largest companies on the planet, Will knows the meaning of a hard stop better than anyone, and makes sure the whole team does too.

Co-Head of Business Development
Seb Inglis-Jones

Seb cut his commercial teeth in the world of consumer goods managing some of the world’s biggest international brands; including Durex, Vanish, Cow & Gate, and Aptamil. This Sales & Marketing expertise has given Seb an intimate understanding of the process of company/brand growth through content creation and communication.


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