Zebrafish Media

May You Never Die

Our third short film, directed again by dynamic duo, Guy Davies and Nomattsland, and filmed over three night shoots in Hong Kong city. The prequel to ‘Sick To My Bones’, we follow a man (played by Director Nomattsland) and his journey towards learning serenity and peace as the world crumbles around him. In keeping with our early day short film adventure series we faced some pretty unique challenges on this passion project. Filming was due to begin in Hong Kong on June 24th 2016. Unfortunately, 24 hours prior to its commencement the pound dropped 12% in the post Brexit crash. As our budget was entirely in pounds but was being spent, over the next few days, in Hong Kong dollars this was far from ideal. Hours later and several pleading phone-calls with rental houses and locations for ‘A 12% Brexit Discount’ and we were, against all odds, back on track. But the saga continued that night when a No 3 signal Typhoon formed off the east coast of Hainan Island and decided to make its way over to the alleyway we were filming in, in Hong Kong City Centre. 3 nights, several broken umbrellas and a heroic effort from an incredibly dedicated cast and crew and we had it in the can. Similar to it’s predecessor it’s gone on to be accepted at XYZ film festivals as well as winning ABC. We’re looking forward to moving into pre-production on the final short in the trilogy next summer.