Zebrafish Media

Thomas Jack

Record Label

Parlaphone Records

Creator of the subgenre, Tropical House, Thomas Jack was after a sun, summer and adventure promo to show off his new single, Rivers. The budget was challenging given the level of ambition but, after listening to the track and bouncing around some initial ideas, we were totally sold on the campaign. Lead by the enthusiasm and creative guidance of Director, Chris Ranson, we took a splinter force of 5 crew and 2 cast out to Corfu, Greece for a 4 day recce and 3 day shoot around some of the most beautiful spots on the island. Every location, extra and vehicle (including a 150bhp speed boat) were sourced on our recce and provided for free by locals on the island whose generosity and support for the project was only matched by their enthusiasm at the ‘wrap party’. Rumour has it there’s even a shot at ‘Aretis Place’ in Kerkira called ‘The Zebrafish’ – made famous by our MD, James, who has subsequently returned twice to the island to spend time with ‘old friends’.