Zebrafish Media

Juicy Punishment

One of a three part video campaign for Starburst to place their brand tag of “Unexplainably Juicy” in the school environment for Back To School. The brand is famous for its surreal adverts, so of course we had to keep that trend going…

A key element for this video was creating real tension in the build up to the juice explosion. We knew from the start that they wanted to treat the ‘Unexplainably Juicy’ tagline as the most memorable part of the video, so in order to make that land the audience had to feel the same confusion and anticipation as the student. As soon as that paper ball hits the teacher, you know something is about to go down. Then it builds, and builds, and builds, until a strange chorus of monks sing underneath that angry gaze, and… punchline.

Insider secret: we used a paddling pool to catch all the juice. We did not paddle in that pool afterwards.