Zebrafish Media

Sick To My Bones

Our second short film as a young and hungry production house. We journeyed to the far reaches of the country with director duo Guy Davies and Nomattsland to shoot this post apocalyptic short film in the stunning landscape on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. The film is a poetic allegory exploring our internal battles and the journey towards ultimate assimilation. Funnily enough we faced an extremely external battle making this film. A huge storm hit Scotland for the four days we were filming on the island and staying in an ‘about-to-close’ hotel with no heating and 0 guests besides us and the owner, a former marine from Belfast, known as Kev. Being a self funded short we had no luxury of budget to come back and reshoot. We could, quite literally, make an entirely separate film about the sweat and blood which went into making this film. Four days of battling 80mph winds and torrential rain – hiking hours to some of the most remote parts of the island with an entire film set and 2, 10 foot puppets to capture the sense of this ‘post apocalyptic’ world. We’ve never worked on a project since and hopefully never will which is even fraction of the saga that was ‘Sick To My Bones’ – colloquially known by the crew as ‘Cold / Wet To My Bones’ (and less appropriate variations). However, it was a labour of love and we’re chuffed that it went on to screen at X international film festivals as well as winning XXX