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Guy Davies

Guy’s career started with a passion for acting as a child (with a few films and commercials under his belt before the age of 13) which quickly developed into a fascination with the camera. At 15 he decided he wanted to be a cinematographer and began working on as many productions as possible in camera and lighting around his school work.

At 18 he moved to New York, funded by a tuition grant from director Brett Ratner, to study Cinematography at New York Film Academy; immersing himself in all things film and developing his skills and network. This is when his thirst to Direct began.

Upon returning the UK Guy made a career in the camera department, working his way up to become an extremely in demand Focus Puller. Meanwhile he was directing on the side until it was the right time to change paths.

Guy was one of the original founders of Zebrafish and, to date, has directed 4 award winning short films that have screened at Oscar qualifying festivals worldwide as well as several commercials and music videos. In 2017 he embarked on directing my first feature film, Philophobia, a coming-of-age drama set in his quiet Cotswold home town about a boy and his friendship group during their last week of school.

Guy Davies
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