Zebrafish Media

The Duology of Man

This is a pair of parables exploring the nature of human choice. It’s an unusual film, written with a meaning in mind but designed to be open to interpretation. So many films now force feed a specific message without respecting their audience, but Theo and Ian wanted to show something that was accessible enough to enjoy but abstract enough that everyone would interpret differently. An experience that they can think about in the shower and almost feel like it was made for their unique lens.

Now, there comes a time in every film makers life in which they have to use cow intestine to replicate the inside of a birthing canal while a small plastic hand hovers above them. This short was that experience for the duo and they truly grew as people once it was done.

Booooooom TV described the film as “Simultaneously brilliant and bewildering, abstract yet strangely familiar, The Duology of Man offers a unique meditation on the nature of human choice.” It’s a pretty good indication of what you’re in for.