Zebrafish Media

The Fratellis
I’ve Been Blind

A video that brings the track to life by tossing in a good heaping handful of philosophy. Specifically, the narrative was based on a thought experiment called Mary’s Room, all about going from seeing in black and white to seeing colour.

That black and white basis immediately took the duo to classic cinema and, as Mary is a scientist in the thought experiment, the mad science films of years gone by jumped out. Young Frankenstein and Metropolis were primary references for everything from set design to acting to camera work, and the finished product benefitted from that clear vision.

Fun fact for you, the scientists were referred to as ‘Red’, “Yellow’, and ‘Blue’ throughout production which ultimately came to life in the colours of their bow ties. Tell your friends that one at the pub and they might just say “okay”. Theo and Ian like the little details.